Traveling To Florence: Everything You Need To Know In Order To Have A Fun Trip

With summer finally in full swing and the weather getting warmer, many families are looking to get a vacation on their calendar in the next couple of months. For those travelers who are keen to visit an international destination, one of the leading locations to consider visiting is Florence, Italy. Serving as the capital city of the Tuscany region, this bustling metropolitan center makes for an exciting vacation destination that offers something for everyone. Learn everything you need to know about traveling to Florence, including how to set a budget and stay safe.

Traveling To Florence: Everything You Need To Know In Order To Have A Fun Trip
Photo by Sergei Wing on Unsplash.

How Many Travelers Visit Florence Yearly?

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, Florence, Italy boasted over 15.5 million overnight stays from international and domestic tourists in the city. This value dropped during the pandemic amidst restrictions to around 5.4 million as of the latest year studied, meaning this destination is not overcrowded with tourists. Even before the pandemic, however, Florence was not as traveled as some other parts of the world, simply due to not being on too many travelers’ radars. This is an additional reason why a Florence vacation can be so appealing.

How To Budget For A Florence Vacation

Budgeting for any vacation properly, let alone a major international vacation, can be an extremely difficult challenge. Regardless of whether you are a family budgeting for a trip or simply a solo traveler, each of the following three tips can help you afford your trip:

1.   Set up a dedicated savings account

To discover the renaissance marvels of Florence, you will need access to a fairly large sum of money. The best way to go about this is to set up a dedicated travel savings account months in advance of your trip. On a monthly basis, deposit funds into this account after contributing to your other savings accounts so that you can build up a travel fund to be used on your vacation. 

2.   Use credit card rewards points when applicable

For those who use credit cards on a regular basis, specifically rewards cards, consider redeeming your credit card points for either cash-back or hotel and flight points. Many credit card companies partner with airlines or hotel chains to offer direct point-to-point conversions, so check your credit card portal to see if you have a buildup of points that may be used.

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3.   Utilize luggage storage services

Finally, take advantage of a luggage storage service while visiting Florence. This service allows a person to securely store their luggage for a short period of time while they explore the city, leaving them hands-free and able to visit more destinations than they normally would be able to.

Safety Tips When Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new destination and forget that you need to keep your wits about you. Regardless of whether you are traveling on your own or with family, use the following tips to keep yourself safe on vacation:

1.   Always inform loved ones of your plans

It’s always best to ensure that at least one person knows what your every move will be while you are on your international trip. This is helpful in the event that something happens to you, as that person will be able to inform the authorities as to where your last location should have been. 

2.   Never travel by yourself at night

As a rule of thumb, never travel by yourself to an unknown part of the world at night, even if you believe you are in a safe part of town. A potential criminal who pegs you as a tourist may immediately target you even in the safest areas, so always travel in a group when you are able to. 

3.   Ask trusted officials about the safe areas of town

Finally, as a best practice, when you visit a new part of the world, speak with a hotel concierge or other similar trusted resident of the country to learn about where the safe areas and unsafe areas may be.

Have A Fun And Engaging Vacation Today

Florence, Italy may not have been the first location to pop into your head when thinking about an international vacation destination, but it is certainly one which shouldn’t now be ignored. While Florence is an extremely popular destination, it isn’t as overloaded with tourists as some other areas around the world, which makes it appealing for those looking to avoid the hustle and bustle that often comes with tourist hotspots. Use all of the above tips to set a budget for your trip and to stay safe while on your vacation.

Featured photo by Ali Nuredini on Unsplash.