Apple Pencil is one of the best things to ever happen for iPads but it is goddamn expensive for a stylus, and it has an expendable tip (that isn’t cheap either) that can add to the cost over time. Enters NovaPlus A8 Duo. It is a stylus for Apple iPad that offers a powerful alternative to Apple’s very own at half the price.

NovaPlus A8 Duo Stylus for Apple iPad

Like Apple Pencil, it looks just like a, well, pencil but it promised quite a number of features that make me question my purchase decision (of the US$129 2nd-Gen Apple Pencil). For starters, it promised a lag-free experience and it supports charging both wirelessly, by magnetically attaching to a compatible iPad, and via USB-C.

Full charging the onboard 130 mAh battery will take just 40 minutes. After which, it offers up to 12 hours of use before needing recharging. It also promised a super durable nib that NovaPlus claimed will last for 30 kilometers (about 19 miles). And when the nib is worn, it can be easily replaced with any third-party’s tip.

NovaPlus A8 Duo Stylus for Apple iPad

The NovaPlus A8 Duo also supports palm rejection as well as drawing tools shortcuts such as clicking to switch brushes or switch to the eraser. The stylus further features tilt sensitivity, allowing for different stroke thicknesses, depths, and shades.

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Finally, it has a nifty Bluetooth indicator light up top that also doubles as a battery indicator, offering battery status at a glance using different colors of light.

NovaPlus A8 Duo Stylus for Apple iPad

The NovaPlus A8 Duo Stylus is compatible with select Apple iPads from 2018 onwards. You can learn more about the stylus, and its compatibility on Indiegogo where NovaPlus Tech is having a pre-sale campaign in which you can secure a unit at up to 28% off, for US$49. The campaign will end in 35 days with shipping in January 2023.

NovaPlus A8 Duo Stylus for Apple iPad

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Images: NovaPlus Tech.

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