If it exists in the media, be it on film, in anime, or in manga, there’s someone out there cosplaying it. This is true even if it is not a not living thing like a mech suit, or something so grotesque that it is almost impossible to realize without actually exposing the cosplayer to the G-virus. Just kidding. G-virus isn’t real (phew!). Anyways… having said that it is no surprise that there is someone out there cosplaying Evangelion mechas and that someone is Germany-based Hong Kong cosplayer Maolo.

Evangelion Cosplay Costumes by Maolo’s Cosplay

From what we gathered, Maolo is kind of a specialist in Evangelion cosplay. The cosplayer has been making EVA suits for cosplay for years now. Since then, Maolo has never stopped refining the designs. The last we heard, the EVA cosplayer have two useable EVA units, namely, Evangelion Unit 01 and Unit 02. Maolo’s first EVA Unit 01 suit was created in 2016 and in 2017, he created Unit 02.

Not a lot is known about the build on Unit 01, however, on a post on the cosplay’s Instagram page, we learned that Unit-02 involved some animatronics for the inner eyes and both units have movable jaw and of course, light-up eyes. He also created the Progressive knife for the respective mechas as well as the Spear of Cassius and Spear of Longinus.

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Evangelion Cosplay Costumes by Maolo’s Cosplay

Maolo’s Cosplay Evangelion suits may not be 100% screen-accurate since the actual units have elongated arms and crazy long legs. The EVA units basically are long in every department which humans can’t replicate. But man, this dude did a great job in the recreation despite the limitations. Absolutely amazing. Be sure to check out Maolo’s Cosplay on Instagram and Facebook for more.

Images: Instagram (@maolocosplay)/Facebook (Maolo’s Cosplay, Props and Creations).

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