Game Of Thrones Sex Toys: Something Else Other Than Winter Is Coming

From the folks who brought Avengers: Infinity War-themed adult toys, come this: Game of Thrones Sex Toys, fittingly called Game of Moans. Forget the harsh cold winter, forget about the White Walkers, and forget about the Wall too. In fact, forget what you know about the entire series because, these Game of Thrones adult-only, Game […]

A Different Kind Of War Rages In The Bedroom With These Avengers Sex Toys

As the war rages in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, there is another war brewing inside the bedroom (or anywhere, basically, if you have that kind of fetish). You must asking “what has Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie have to with the bedroom?” Well, nothing, really, but that’s until Australia sex toys maker, Geeky Sex Toys, comes […]