Is it just me who think a writing instrument is more fitting merchandise for Game of Thrones than sex toys? If you are on the same page and you also happen to be a GoT fan who collects writing instrument, then Italian writing instrument maker has just the right stuff for you. The company has unveiled a new Game of Thrones pen with a very cool name.

Montegrappa Game Of Thrones Winter is Here Pen

Called Montegrappa Game of Thrones Winter is Here, the pen is a collaboration with HBO in celebration of the eighth season of Game of Thrones which aired from April 14, 2019. Unlike the Westeros example we have seen previously, this one is a writing instrument with an extremely intricate exterior that could only be described as half writing instrument and half object d’art.

Montegrappa Game Of Thrones Winter is Here Pen

It sports an exterior carved from pearlised great celluloid and “enveloped by a masterful study in the ancient art of lost wax casting.” On the pen, you will find King of the Night and that of the White Walker meticulously engraved on the pen’s barrel with ice-blue appetite crystals for eyes and on the pen’s cap, a figure of the ice dragon Viserion is carved in precious metal, hovering over a ring of blue-crystalline hand-glazed flames.

Here’s a particularly interesting feature of the pen: the dragon wraps the pen cap completely and the creature’s head with the tongue of ice pouring out of its mouth serves as an innovative pocket clip. Montegrappa Game of Thrones Winter is Here is available in choice of Fountain or Rollerball, and in Sterling Silver or Solid 18K Gold finish.

Montegrappa Game Of Thrones Winter is Here Pen

The Sterling Silver model is limited to 300 units per style while the Solid 18K Gold has an ultra limited run of just 7 units per style. But with asking price of €48,000 (US$54,270) for the Fountain, or €51,000 (US$57,680) for the Rollerball, I think the Solid 18K Gold won’t be flying off the shelves. At least, not in a flash. I think.

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The Sterling Silver variety, on the other hand, is more affordable, going at €4,500 (about US$5,080) a pop for the Fountain and €4,050 (approx. US$5,570) for the Rollerball. That’s not it. A mysterious seal of the Kind of the Night can be found engraved on the fountain pen 18K gold nib.

Montegrappa Game Of Thrones Winter is Here Pen

Fun fact: the 18K gold’s 7 Fountain and Rollerball signify the kingdoms of Westeros, while the 300 sterling silver pieces in each model denote the year of settlement of the Targaryen Kings (300AC). Those are subtleties which only true fans can appreciate.

Montegrappa Game of Thrones Winter is Here is presented in a deluxe black case of lacquered wood, regally embellished with, you guessed it, the Game of Thrones insignia.

Montegrappa Game Of Thrones Winter is Here Pen recently premiered at the MEFCC Show in Dubai and it is now available for pre-order on Montegrappa website.

All images courtesy of Montegrappa.

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