Ikea and terrarium. The two does not seem to be made for each other, much less for snakes. Well, as it turns out, if you really want, Ikea iconic shelving series, Expedit (or now, Kallax in its latest reincarnation), can be hacked to result in awesome bioactive terrarium for your slithering reptile companions. One Imgur user by the handle of leftthegan did exactly that. The obvious boons are, it offers a timeless look and it is mostly readily available and affordable. Plus, it comes a variety of sizes and colors to suit your need and so, why the hell not?

Ikea Kallax Shelves Bioactive Terrarium

The end product created by leftthegan seemingly blends in with the rest of the Kallax/Expedit. The organic scenery inside the brightly lit terrarium makes for a welcome break from the otherwise cold laminated MBF board furniture. Anywho, if you have access to Kallax shelving, or the older Expedit, and have a snake or two to build a home for, you could do the same – thanks to leftthegan willingness to share how it was done with tons of images to help you visualize along the way. It took several months and 2,435 Swedish Krona (about US$275) to create this gorgeous, home-integrating terrarium for leftthegan’s corn snake.

What makes this so cool is not just the end result; it is even cooler if learn the details leftthegan have put into it. I have a Kallax shelving, a 2×2 and 2×4, and now because of this awesome DIY, I am convinced that I need a terrarium too, even though I have no snakes to house, and also, I am thinking maybe an aquarium will be neat too. It is an interesting build worth checking out even if you are not particularly fond of snakes, or any reptile pets in general. But really, it could just make a good terrarium, or a home for beard dragons or other reptiles. OK, perhaps for the sake of having a piece of nature inside your home where you can admire.

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Ikea Kallax Shelves Bioactive Terrarium

Images: Imgur.

Source: apartment therapy.

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