Evangelion Entry Plug Float is cool. But it will be strange to put a swimming float on display. Plus, I would imagine hugging an inflatable PVC resin isn’t exactly a cushy experience. That said, if you prefer an Entry Plug that look more at home in the living or the bedroom, the Evangelion Original Entry Plug Cushion is a more suitable candidate.

Evangelion Original Entry Plug Cushion

Given its elongated pill shape and it being a cushion, the Evangelion Original Entry Plug Cushion is really more of a bolster with details of an Entry Plug printed on the smooth polyester fabric exterior.

But it is huge. At 140 centimeters (4 feet 7.12 inches) long and 25 centimeters (9.8 inches) in diameter, this cosy Entry Plug is suitable for cosying up with when binge watching the series in your living or hugging it to sleep. And because, it is an “Entry Plug”, it will also make for a perfect object for display in your Evangelion cave.

The Evangelion Original Entry Plug Cushion will drop on January 23, 2021 on EVA Store for 7,700 yen (or about US$74).

Images: Evangelion.

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