Evangelion Entry Plug Float

If you have watched and understood Japan’s cult mecha anime Evangelion, you will acknowledge that the Entry Plug was a somewhat grotesque object. For the uninitiated, an Entry Plug is essentially a removable cockpit of the Evangelion. It was a capsule-like tube designed to be inserted into an Evangelion’s spinal area with a loading mechanism, and it spins and locks itself inside the Eva’s torso. It is a quintessential part of the mecha and as such, it is as iconic as the giant organic combat mecha itself. And mind you, Eva is actually part living thing and so…

Evangelion Entry Plug Float

Anywho… notwithstanding the fact, I am kind of delighted by this new Eva merchandise: Evangelion Entry Plug Float. You heard that right. Bandai Namco Group’s character toy company Plex Inc. has turned the Entry Plug into, of all things, a swimming float. There are three designs to choose from, each inspired by the Entry Plug of the three mechas, namely EVA-00, EVA-01, and EVA-02. It is an inflatable made of PVC resin and measures 130 centimeters long and 20 centimeter in diameter. IMHO, the floats make for a nice addition to any Evangelion fan even if water isn’t your cuppa. Moreover, they are totally affordable, costing just 2,160 yen a piece, or about 20 bucks a pop.

Both Bandai’s official online store, Premium Bandai, and the official Evangelion Store is taking in pre-order for the Evangelion Entry Plug Float. Delivery is expected to happen in May 2019. Though, obviously, you will need to be residing in Japan to acquire it, or use one of those concierge service to pick them up on your behalf. Well, at least, it seems to be the case at this point. P.S. strange that the product photos did not include some cool pool pics. Just saying…

Images: Bandai Namco.

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