If you are still doing the tuck-the-rod under your arm or jamming it into your stomach or thigh when fishing, instead of using the wrestling champion belt-like fish fighting belt, then you will be delighted to know that there’s a better, compact and more discrete alternative to either of the aforementioned methods. Invented by L.A.-based Marcus Hunt, the Fishing Buckle is essentially a sport fishing belt that also doubles as an everyday waist belt when you are not fishing. The buckle is star of the show here. It is of die-cast alloy mix and function like any regular belt buckle, but with a flip of the thumb, it transforms into a support system for most saltwater fishing rods.

The Fishing Buckle Sport Fishing Belt

It maybe compact, but it promised to offer support and leverage required, while providing a full range of motion and control needed to reel in catches. Key design features to ensure it works as it should include a sturdy and rugged construction, dual bracket system to counter rod torque when combating the fish and a raised fin on the inside to keep the rod centered. Unless you are expecting to reel in big-ass Marlins, the The Fishing Buckle Sport Fishing Belt should be ample for handling regular fishing adventure, be it at the dock, on the beach, or on a boat, without making you look like a retired wrestler wearing his/her past glory. The best part is, of course, you don’t need to take it off when you are done fishing as it also also a belt.

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The Fishing Buckle Sport Fishing Belt

The clean, minimalistic design makes quite a fashion statement too. The buckle itself is either electroplated or power coated to help protect it against saltwater corrosion and it comes with a tightly woven polypropylene belt that’s wide enough to ensure good support, while remaining flexible and fast drying (just in case it gets wet when you are dealing with a 60 lbs sailfish). The Fishing Buckle Sport Fishing Belt is now on Kickstarter, hoping to raise $20K to get the production off the ground. Prices start at $25. And if all goes as planned (i.e. the campaign gets funded), you can expect to see your very own Fishing Belt sometime in September 2016.

The Fishing Buckle Sport Fishing Belt

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