Even if you did not watch Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 movie adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel, The Shining or read the book itself, you will know that it is a story that messes with your mind.

The movie/novel explores the supernatural and plays on the fragile mind of humans. Both are bad news. However, if you are undaunted and think you up to task as the Caretaker of the Overlook Hotel down in the Rocky Mountains (and won’t go nuts like Jack Torrance), then The Shining Board Game may be just right up your twisted alley.

Yes. Seriously. The infamous psychological thriller featuring the stellar performance of Jack Nicholson is a board game. I didn’t even think it is possible, but here it is, the The Shining Board Game.

The Shining Board Game by asmodee

Thankfully, you are not alone in this. 3-5 person will each take up as a Caretaker of the haunted hotel and try to survive the winter.

It is a suspenseful game of cooperation, deception and terror, and a board game that test you, the Caretaker, willpower against the evil influences that the property dishes out. Will all players work together to live through the ordeal, or one of you be coaxed into acting against other players by the evil hotel?

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Not going to lie. While I think it sounds like a fun and possibly, thrilling, board game, I can’t believe it has been turned into a board game. If you raring to give it a go, you can find it selling on uncrate.com as well as Amazon.com.

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