Presidential Parody Pet Toys by Fuzzu

Which camp are you on for Presidential campaign? Wait. Don’t tell me. Because regardless of which camp, you are probably going to love the Presidential Parody Pet Toys by Fuzzu. Yep. You heard that loud and clear. Pet toys. Of the presidential candidates. Depending on your love or hate and your pet’s natural behaviour towards pet toys, these stuffed toys could be the perfect thing to express your political inclination. Not getting us? Simply put, if your pet is a natural destroyer of toys, throw whoever you hate, Bernie, Donald and/or Hillary up, to it and have the satisfaction of seeing the chosen candidate face the wrath of your pet, while knowing his/her fun is being taken off.

However, if your pet canine and/or feline loves stuffed toys like us homo sapiens, then you will be glad too cos’ they will be giving the same love to your favorite candidate(s). Or you could just buy them for your own collection to show your support for a particular candidate. Better still, get of them, so you can be reminded of the most entertaining Presidential campaign ever in the history of United States of America. Usually, we will try to distant ourselves from politics (we still do) and to be honest, we were debating whether to let you guys on this. After much considerations, we concluded that we do not speak for you guys and some of you may want to have Bernie with you while following his campaign trail, and so here we are, introducing the Presidential Parody Pet Toys by Fuzzu to you.

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Besides, we thought they look pretty awesome in their caricature form. Available in three sizes: Cat, Dog, and Jumbo, the Presidential Parody Pet Toys by Fuzzu can be yours if you back its campaign on Kickstarter for as little as $8. But as with any Kickstarter campaigns, realization of the toys will only happen if it gets funded. So far, 112 folks have made the pledge, but it still a few thousand dollars off the mark. So, if you want one, back it and keep your fingers crossed.

submitted via TIP US page.