ONUSblue Color Gradient Alcohol Detection Patch

According to CDC, nearly 10,000 people were killed in 2014 in alcohol-impaired driving crashes and despite of the many PSAs, strict policing, the numbers aren’t getting any lower today. The key to reducing or even eliminating fatalities due to drink driving is responsible drinking. However, responsible drinking requires one to be informed. Though one may argue that if a person is stupid drunk, he or she may not even be capable of discerning the fact that he/she is drunk, but that’s besides the point. The point is, if there’s a more effective and easy way to stay inform of a person alcohol level, then it could make a huge difference between life and death.

ONUSblue Color Gradient Alcohol Detection Patch

This is where ONUSblue Color Gradient Alcohol Detection Patch comes in. Developed by Albuquerque, New Mexico startup, DermaTec, this innovative patch takes preemptive action even before a driver gets behind a wheel. Little is known about how the inner workings of this patch (proprietary secret, I guess?). All we know is, it is a sweat detection-based patch that changes color as a person drinks, turning from clear to blue to dark shades of blue if a person has one pint too many. With the patch on, peers and everyone around can easily identify if a person has high level of alcohol intake and therefore, could stop him or her from doing the unimaginable. Or if the person is still able, he or she could act responsibly by hailing a cab instead.

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Dermatec’s patch looks much like a first-aid plaster and it is easy to apply, absolutely non-invasive, waterproof, serial numbered and tamper-proof. ONUSblue provides a cheap and efficient method of keeping party goers informed of their alcohol level. As always, anything that could potentially save lives, we are all up for it and if you do too, you can give ONUSblue a go by pre-ordering it on Indiegogo. It is on flexible campaign, so your pledge would be a pre-order. Prices start at $3 for a lone patch and runs up to $550 for 300 patches.

Images: screengrab from YouTube video.