Japan Necktie Maker Teamed Up With Evangelion For Classy EVA Units-themed Ties

We can all agree necktie is part of a formal attire. In that sense, slapping on cartoon or anime characters on a tie’s design will immediately downgrade it to a less formal piece. But not with Evangelion x Nagashima Garment Neckties collection.

Cardboard Ties Are A Surefire Way To Stand Out From The Sea Of Gentlemen

We hardly write about neckties and/or bow ties, but we have to give Cardboard Carl Cardboard Ties and Bow Ties a shout out because, cardboard. We are not particularly huge fans of cardboard, but ties and bow made out cardboard and still look pretty darn awesome sure deserve our attention and love. Available in necktie …

Necktie Beer Koozie Is Probably The Most Logical Formal Attire Accessory

Throughout history, mankind has been obsessed with going hands-free with just about anything we do, sometime even stretching it to consuming burgers and playing games. But there’s one thing a man never solves is, how to go hands-free in a party where beer is in abundance and when the party asked that you go formal …

Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties

like the late Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, we believe in what goes inside (of anything) must look as good as what’s on the outside, and hence, we thought the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is a perfect fit of that ethos. crafted from the finest 350 end silk twill, the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is hand pressed, and as its name

MINI Christmas Gifts 2012

love MINI? then we are pretty sure that you would want to indulge yourself and your love ones with MINI lifestyle products for this Holiday season. the good news is, MINI is ready to have you covered in this respect. MINI has prepped a collection that’s going to rock anyone from baby to growth ups. some of the highlights include MINI Folding Bike Lime that features an aluminum…