like the late Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs, we believe in what goes inside (of anything) must look as good as what’s on the outside, and hence, we thought the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is a perfect fit of that ethos. crafted from the finest 350 end silk twill, the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties is hand pressed, and as its name implies, folded seven times in an accordion shape. honestly, you won’t get to peek ‘under its hood’, so to speak, to marvel what Alfred Dunhill has put into this seemingly everyday tie, but you will appreciate the fact that even things that you can’t see will be in perfect order and detailed to befit its quality and appearance on the outside. this featherweight tie also boast heavy drape and will knots flawlessly without ever twisting. the Dunhill Provenance Seven Fold Neckties are available in six colors and patterns, with each costing a neck-weighing 250 bucks. not exactly cheap by any means, but we are sure you know what you are paying for. no?

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