say for example you just have enough cash for one table, would you get a coffee table or a dinning table? not an easy decision to make, we imagine. so let us save you the dilemma by introducing you to the MK1 Transforming Coffee Table. the official product name tells you that it is a coffee table, which is true, but it is also a dinning table too – all it takes is two simple movements (or one if two persons are involved, see video below) to transform it from a coffee table to a dinning table, and vice versa. as a coffee table it has surface area of 75 cm by 75 cm (or about 30″ x 30″) for your usual coffee table stuff (beer included) and as a dinning table, it offers an expanded table area of 135 cm by 75 cm (around 53″ x 30″) which should be ample if you have a date over.

available in solid oak, ash or walnut and high grade birch plywood – all sourced from Forest Stewardship Council managed forests and other controlled sources, so your conscious can remain guilt-free knowing the pretty wood that made up this awesome piece of furniture is not illegally felled. the table is offered in a variety of bespoke finishes, which you will get to choose when you make your order. you can snag one from Duffy London for £795 (about US$1,310, excluding shipping, naturally).

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MK1 Transforming Coffee Table

Duffy London via MOCO LOCO

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