you can have the world’s most expensive whiskey and glasses to enjoy the golden spirit, but to be truly complete your exquisite lifestyle, you will need some balls of steel and we are not talking about just any balls here, it is the Executive Balls of Steel 18K Gold Chillers that we talking about. limited to just 25 units, each of the two steel balls is put through a long, careful process of gold plating to achieve a beautiful 18K gold finish, making it the world’s first gold whiskey chillers. opulence and obvious eye-pleasing quality aside, the Balls of Steel inherits the phase-change material known as Arctic Core Technology, locked inside each ball that allows your Jemmies or whatever your favorite fiery alcohol is to chill without diluting the original taste of the drink.

Executive Balls of Steel 18K Gold Chillers

each set comes in a pretty Alder wood presentation box, handmade from rare alder wood sourced in Fort Collins, accompanied by a pair of BOS branded ice tongs and a unique marking with a serial number to further pronounce its exclusiveness. on top of that, 80 percent of the proceed from each sale will go into the company’s “10K for a Cure” campaign towards testicular cancer cure research. so if you have the dough to drop, loves whiskey, and adores exclusivity, then why not man it up and get one of these? 25 is not a big number and so you’ll need to act fast if you want to secure yourself one. the Executive Balls of Steel 18K Gold Chillers is available now for $499 a set.

Executive Balls of Steel 18K Gold Chillers

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