Meet Bundl, The World’s First IoT Electric-heated Sleeping Bag

Tents. They may protect you from the elements when you are out in the wild, but the thing that’s going to keep you warm is the sleeping bag. However, if you are in a place where the nights get really, really cold, you may need the Bundl.

Perhaps, Sleeping In A Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag In The Wild Might Not Be The Best Idea

Surely a bear may not have violated Leonard DiCaprio in the movie The Revenant, but we can’t guarantee that will not happen to anyone if they were to sleep in The Great Sleeping Bear while in the woods. Looking exceedingly lifelike, The Great Sleeping Bear is creation of Dutch artist Eiko Ishikawa. If you find […]

Bison Two-in-One Hammock/Sleeping Bag Now Has Triple Layer Insulation to Keep You Cosy Warm

One of the critical things when heading into the woods for camping is to ensure all essentials are packed and yet, not to overload yourself. Having said that, wouldn’t it be nice that you can have one less load to carry? While you are cracking your brain over what you need and don’t for your […]

Bison Bag Is A Hammock And Sleeping Bag Roll Into One

love camping out in the great outdoor? well, then you will appreciate one less load to carry, don’t you? if so, here’s an idea by a loving couple, Lance and Julia, that wants to roll a typical two-anchor point hammock and a sleeping bag into one, so you have one less thing to lug along […]

Scout Field Bed

you know how typical sleeping bags are. they are of slippery nylon that while offers adequate warm but we couldn’t say the same for the comfort level, much less the style factor. seriously, those silky stuff is not for everyone. lucky for those who are willing to part with your hard-earn money, there’s the Scout Field Bed to feel comfy about. crafted from 100% cotton Italian organic selvage…