love camping out in the great outdoor? well, then you will appreciate one less load to carry, don’t you? if so, here’s an idea by a loving couple, Lance and Julia, that wants to roll a typical two-anchor point hammock and a sleeping bag into one, so you have one less thing to lug along the next time you head into the wilderness. called the Bison Bag, it basically gives you a regular hammock with an integrated sleeping bag, and boom, you got yourself covered and off-the-ground (literally) during those long cold nights without the need for additional blankets or whatsoever. billed as the world’s first sleeping bag hammock, the Bison Bag measures 180 by 75 cm (5 feet 10 inches by 29.5 inches) and is made of durable 170T polyester with PU coating and stuffed with 220 gsm polyester microfiber to give you the warm. it has a double head zipper and velcro strap to keep the zipper zipped, keeping you wrap up.

while inventions like the Nubé and Kammok Glider offers a shelter over your head over a hammock, they might not be everyone’s cuppa since if traveling (or should we say, hiking) light is a priority for some. so therefore, the Bison Bag seems like a perfect go between for avid campers and adventure seekers alike. however, the Bison Bag sleeping bag hammock is yet to be a reality and if you want to see it materialize, then you have to show your love by backing up its Kickstarter endeavor. the couple is seeking $15,500 to take this to production and into your hands and by pledge $70 or more, you could be part of the effort that will make Bison Bag a reality and when it does make the goal, you can expect delivery sometime in August 2014. hit the jump for a product pitch video.

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