Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain walkable Roller Coaster

Tiger & Turtle - Tiger & Turtle
(image: Thomas Mayer)

we are familiar with roller coasters but have you heard of a walkable one? well, soon there will be one in Duisburg, Germany. this particular walkable, huge outdoor structure (or sculpture, if you like) entitled Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain is sculptured after a roller coaster thrill ride complete with loop, bends and a roller coaster’s signature undulating profile. except that this ‘roller coaster’ does not have a ride to thrill us but instead, it has stairs for visitors to walk along the whole length – well, almost. of course, you don’t expect yourself to walk upside down, anyway, do you? which means, your walk should terminated around that loop point. kind of disappointing, eh? the walk aside, the sculpture itself is a sight to behold in the day, perching on top of a manmade mountain and in the night, the LED-integrated handrails not only gives highlight to the flight of stairs, allowing for accessibly even in the night but also gives it a very carnival like atmosphere. tumble past the jump for a few more closer look at this magnificent sculpture.
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via Boing Boing via ArchDaily

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