If you find a pair of hands aren’t enough to handle some Playstation VR games, then perhaps, 3DRudder can be of an assistant. 3DRudder is a foot motion controller for Playstation VR lets your feet get involved in compatible games. By simply tilting 3DRudder with your feet in the direction want to move, it allows your in game character to walk straight, sprint while taking a corner, or stop exactly where you want to, “in a smooth, seamless way” – all while leaving your hands free to do what need to be done, like returning fire at your aggressors.

3DRudder Foot Motion Controller for Playstation VR

Buried inside this fitness equipment-like (which it does look like a body twister, btw) peripheral are Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and pressure sensors that are use to track your feet movements and translate them to in-game motion. 3DRudder is plug-and-play via the USB port on your PS4 console and it is compatible and combinable with Playstation Move motion controllers, PS VR AIM controller, as well as Dualshock 4 controller.

3DRudder Foot Motion Controller for Playstation VR

At launch, 3DRudder Foot Motion Controller for Playstation VR will be compatible with 25 games, including Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cypher, Undead Citadel, Sairento VR, Red Matter, Honor and Duty: D-Day, Honor and Duty: Arcade Edition, Scraper VR, and Contagion VR – just to name a few. 3DRudder Foot Motion Controller for Playstation VR will retail for $119 when it becomes available on June 17, 2019. You can secure a unit now by pre-ordering from 3DRudder website as we speak. Continue reading to catch the 3DRuddder promo video.

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Source: Playstation Europe.

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