Good news, fans of NBC’s interpretation of the popular British series The Office. The familiar office setting of the American’s version of the hit comedy series, along with key characters immortalized as minifigures, may just become an official LEGO set. I may not be a particularly huge fan of NBC’s The Office, but this LEGO MOC sure opens a floodgate of nostalgia in me. Anywho, The Office – NBC may be exists as a LEGO MOC created by LEGO Ideas member theoffice_lego for now, but a little over a year since it was submitted to LEGO Ideas, it has achieved the 10,000 support necessary for it to be reviewed by the LEGO Review Board in the First 2019 Review.

LEGO MOC The Office - NBC Set

At a glance, you may be forgiven to think this is a small or medium sized set, but it is far from being ‘small’ or ‘medium’. At a little over 2,100 pieces (or 2,161 pieces excluding minifigures, to be precise) and measuring 17 by 19 inches (about 43 x 48 centimeters), theoffice_lego’s The Office – NBC set is huge. Being a big set means it has many details and more details means more true-to-the-cult-TV-series, and as such, it is no surprised that this LEGO MOC won the support of so many LEGO/The Office fans. The set features the place where all the crazy and fun moments happened, including the general office space, furnished with tables and chairs, individual offices of Darryl and Michael, the conference room, Erin’s desk and all the office furniture and equipment.

LEGO MOC The Office - NBC Set

Beyond the obvious, theoffice_lego (who obviously is a fan) has designed the structure to be split into 3 sections to afford ease of transportation (if required), easier cleaning and promotes playability. Speaking of playability, the bottom of the set is reinforced to ensure sturdiness when being moved around. Beside the obvious details, you can see what this set has gotten so many support in such short time. I think one of the winning points of this set is, its creator actually take the effort to build a real set, going out to acquire the bricks required for the set.

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All told, it took two years for theoffice_lego to arrive to what you see before you. Another reasons that we thought may be a major drawn to this project is, the whopping 14 minifigures it proposed to have. 14! Imagine that! On that note, we wish theoffice_lego the best of luck for his (or her?) LEGO MOC The Office – NBC Set. More looks of the set after the break.

Images: LEGO Ideas (theoffice_lego).

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