IBM Watson Versus Transcriptionist Flesh Units on Decoding Song Lyrics 
Talk about yesterday’s mistakes listening to lyrics can become a challenge in the different music genre’s. Country Western twang versus jazz syncopation or classical insistence on pure vowels means a word in one song can sound radically different in another. Some of the best running jokes out and about among comedians and the Internet today started as a misinterpreted song lyric. Such as Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Cold Shot” people would sing “let’s go shopping” instead of cold shot baby. Even Madonna with her stylized pop that consonants on “Like a Virgin” people heard touched for the thirty first time instead of for the very first time.

Is it Time to Be Served?
That’s where transcription services can help or better yet a real live warm flesh and blood transcriptionists. IBM Watson lists as the smartest machine on Earth. Being smart does not always help in transcription. Having unusual powers of concentration and listening ability to discriminate , distinguish, and clarify the nuances of the English language all the while it slithers and slides across a singer’s tongue and down the throat makes a transcriptionist. What route does a person take to get accurate lyrics to a song?

IBM Watson Versus Flesh Unit
Guess what a match exists for our viewing pleasure. The researchers were kind enough to find the songs in acapella versions eliminating any sounds that would interfere with their listening to each and every exquisite notes. Mainly because Watson does not like extraneous sounds when listening. The flesh unit otherwise known as a transcriptionist listened to Brad Paisley “Ticks”.

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The Result
IBM Watson listened carefully to the song lyrics of the first verse on this link. IBM Watson used the phrases “hey, at bottom, live in peace, and you will be here.” None of those words were in the song. Might be useful for creating a parody version like Weird Al Yankovic used to do in the punk rock 80s. It omitted words. Now remember folks this happens to be the best machine for listening to lyrics out there. No use crying it just did not meet the necessary standards people need when they need accurate lyrics. A good try but not quite enough.

The flesh unit professional transcriptionist well zero errors and zero words missing and zero added phrasing. For a human being that is as close to heaven as it comes. For the business well it means the client will be pleased. Everyone gets paid and no one is in trouble.

If accurate lyrics fits your needs then hire a professional transcriptionist. If you need ideas for parodies or satire try IBM Watson.

Infographic: IBM Watson Versus Transcriptionist: Who’s Better? Man or Machine?

Talk about yesterday’s mistakes listening to lyrics can become a challenge.

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