Here’s a useful tip on how ladies can get guys off their back when at the beach. You can either slip into a hairy chest print one-piece swimsuit, or this “Anatomically Correct Swimsuit” from Thenice. Officially described as Thenice Women’s Halloween Long Sleeve One-Piece Sunscreen Diving Swimsuit, this 89 percent polyester and 11 percent spandex swimwear features realistic print of a human’s internal organs, front and back, that is sure keep off stares.

Thenice Anatomically Correct Swimsuit

OK. Maybe not. It could backfire as men and children alike come ogling all over you to “study” the organs. Obviously, the men’s intent will differ from the children’s. Come to think of it, maybe the hairy chest print should works better. People wouldn’t even look, let alone ogle.

If you think “exposing” organs may be a little too much for the public to stomach, there is also a muscle and fat version that clearly details the muscle of a typical human body and correctly pinpoint where the fats are (hint: the breasts). Not sure what parents of children at the beach will think, but what the hell, it is fun and so who gives a shit, right?

Moreover, hardly you will find such fun that cost just $16.99. As a bonus, you could, as the official product description suggests, use it as part of your Halloween getup.

Thenice Anatomically Correct Swimsuit
Thenice Anatomically Correct Swimsuit

Images: Amazon.

Source: the gadgeteer.

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