Beloved Shirts Sexy Chest One-piece Swimsuit

How is it that men can go bare chested in public areas like beaches and pools, and ladies can’t? Beats me. Perhaps, it was a moral behavior handed down by our forebears. Whatever the case maybe, ladies who love to bare it all will have suck it up, or you could live out your cloth-less dream with the Sexy Chest One-piece Swimsuit from Beloved Shirts. Well, at least you can when you are out at the beach or swimming pool since it is a swimsuit.

What you have here is a one-piece swimwear that sports a colorway that looks exceedingly like human’s skin tone which, at a glance, makes you look naked and hence, sexy, but the sexy is not women kind of sexy; it is men’s kind of sexy, or so we heard, and as such, this swimsuit comes decorated with the manliest features, i.e. exposed nipples and bodily hair. We are not talking about sprinkle of hair. We are talking about a lot of hair and with the right density at the right places to boot.

Beloved Shirts Sexy Chest One-piece Swimsuit

From afar, it looks convincing enough to make you double take at what you have seen. Is she a she or she or he? If you know what I mean. The only thing it is short of is 3D hairs and also, the accurate depiction of, erhmm, you know, the package down south? I guess the latter will be a tad too explicit. And oh, hairs are on the back too, at the appropriate regions, of course, for the sake of realism.

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Believe it or not, Beloved Shirts Sexy Chest One-piece Swimsuit is a real-thing and most brilliantly is, it is available for acquired, priced at a reasonable $49.95. So, ladies take note. Making yourself manly couldn’t be easier now, whether is it for laughs, or to ward off leering jerks. Also available in t-shirt form, so you can continue looking manly/sexy out of the pool.

Images: Beloved Shirts.

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