Game Console/Fully Functional Microwave by Colin Fuze

In segment called Fuze’s Invention Show, or FISH, British mad garage inventor Colin Furze takes up the challenge of inventing something to solve problems pitched by fans. Late last May, something very interesting popped up. A fan by the moniker of Board Chefs, AKA Dan Ibstons, (who is not quite a chef but a car mechanic, btw) asked Colin about killing the waiting time when cooking. You know, time spent drumming your fingers on the kitchen countertop while waiting for the pan heat up, or the microwave oven to be done – those kind of inevitable waiting time.

To this nagging and inevitable ‘problem’, Colin has this solution: a game console built into a microwave’s door, aptly dubbed Play-O-Wave. Already, it sounds like fun to us. At a glance, Play-O-Wave looks pretty much like any microwave oven, but with a flick of a toggle switch, a TV display comes to life in front of the microwave, where a transparent window once was. What Colin did was adding a TV monitor to the front of the original microwave oven door and rigged it up a couple of switches and inputs which allow an off-the-shelf console-in-a-controller box to be connected and thereby, letting user kill the time when the microwave oven is doing its thing. And yes, the microwave oven is still fully functional, and no, it is not quite a game console you expect.

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The Play-O-Wave should be rightfully called TV-O-Wave since it does not have an actual game console built into it. Oh wait. It can’t be TV-O-Wave either because it looks like it does not have a TV tuner either. Perhaps, you can hook it up to a DVD player? I don’t know. It is still a brilliant ‘invention’, albeit a little quirky like it always is and that’s the fun thing about the plumber-turn-garage inventor’s builds. Continue reading to catch the Microwave Game Console in action.

Image: YouTube video screengrab.