Teenage Engineering OB-4 Magic Radio

We are too late on this and as a result, the Teenage Engineering OB-4 Magic Radio is sold out. But, but… it is too good aesthetically that we could worsen the situation by not sharing it here.

Teenage Engineering OB-4 Magic Radio

The Teenage Engineering OB-4 Magic Radio is not just any FM radio. It is a super duper cool radio for music anywhere.

Armed with two 4” bass drivers and a pair of neodymium tweeters, bolstered by a flow-optimized bass reflex duct, it promised to deliver 38 watts-power channel high-fidelity, crystal clear, open natural sound with deep natural bass.

In addition to FM radio, you can enjoy music using line input, over Bluetooth, as well as disk which contains built-in surprise tunes.

The radio has a minimal design and a minimal interface, making it the cleanest radio there is money can buy (or not, because, it is sold out).

It is not called a Magic Radio for nothing, btw. OB-4 continuously memorizes everything you listen to an endless looping tape and as such, you are bestowed with the power to instantly rewind, time-bend and loop the radio. Almost like magic!

Other highlights include a Lithium Polymer battery good for 40 hours on a single charge, supports both hi-def BT classic and BTLE, works with Ortho Remote for wireless volume control, digital motion controlled volume knob and tape reel, an integrated fine-tuned smart spiral antenna for tricky listening places, and an integrated handle that doubles as a super cool stand.

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The Teenage Engineering OB-4 Magic Radio (From US$599) is sold out at the time of this post. However, you may check out the various brick and mortar stores for their availability.

Images: Teenage Engineering.