Samsung Vertical TV and Art Frame TV

According to common agreement, millennials are folks who are born between 1981 and 1996, and it is also widely believe that this group of people are smartphone addicts. Well, not quite. Baby Boomers are as addicted. Damn you, Candy Crush! Anywho, apparently, Samsung South Korea has its sight set on the millennials with a new kind of TV called The Sero which literally translates to ‘vertical’. And yes, it is a portrait orientation TV.

Samsung The Sero, The Serif and The Frame TVs

You better believe that Samsung actually came out with a vertical TV to lure the money out of millennials’ wallet because, they just did. Samsung believes that a vertical allows millennials to cast mobile contents, which are mostly vertical, on it. It allows mobile contents like games, videos and whatnot, to be easily mirrored on the TV using NFC. In addition, the TV also supports Samsung’s very own voice assistant, Bixby (via the built-in mic of the remote), and also lets users to playback music from various online music services including Samsung Music, as well as music stored on their smartphones.

Samsung 43-inch The Sero QLED TV

Interestingly, The Sero might very well be your smartphone’s surrogate because, it can also display images, photos, clocks et cetera when you are not using for mirroring or watching TV. But thankfully, the 43-inch QLED TV that also boast 60W 4.1 channel speakers is not relegated to the vertical form; it can be orientated to the more worldly landscape form for use as a regular TV. Samsung 43-inch The Sero QLED TV will arrive in South Korea market end of May for a grand asking price of 18.9 million Won, or about US$16,249. Yikes. Millennial are loaded in South Korea?

The Sero was during the opening of the company’s pop-up store in Apgujeong-ro in Gangnam, Seoul on April 29, 2019, as part the company’s campaign “new lifestyle TV era.” Also introduced during this day is a TV called The Serif and The Frame. The former is a furniture inspired TV born out of a collaboration with French furniture design Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in 2016 and the latter, presents the TV as an art frame. In other words, The Frame makes no apologies about the bezel it possessed. I am strangely OK with it. I had to because, it is a frame, isn’t it?

Samsung The Serif TV
Samsung The Serif TV

The Frame is an actually new concept TV that allows you to turn your TV into an art via an Art mode function. Unlike artwork in museum, The Frame needs no carefully calibrated lighting; it will show art work vividly by adjusting the color based on the surrounding illumination and with great details, including the canvas texture.

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Samsung even go all the way out to hatch an Art Store subscription service where you will be able to “acquire” artworks from famous art galleries and from artists, from around the world, to be displayed on The Frame. The Frame is a QLED TV that also comes with a Samsung’s transparent one-cable solution called ‘Magic Cable’. The Frame comes in 43-, 49-, 55-, and 65-inch class and costs 159-, 189-, 219-, and 339-million won, respectively. Those are crazy pricing there. They translates to US$137,000-290,000. Wow.

Samsung The Frame QLED TV
Samsung The Frame QLED TV

All images courtesy of Samsung South Korea.

Source: Samsung South Korea [KR] via SamMobile.