Human’s feet are pretty awesome and they are what they are today because we are extremely apt bipedal creatures, but if, for some reasons, you fancy having furry animals’ feet, well then, Sublimated Paw Crew Socks are what you need. Why? I don’t know. Maybe, it will satisfy your secret desire to have animal feet without the need to go under the knife to have, say, fido’s feet? Not that it is even possible medically today, but you get the idea.

Sublimated Paw Crew Socks Furry Animal Print Socks

Made in the good’ol US of A, the Sublimated Paw Crew Socks are mid-shin high socks that features realistic printing – all round, including the sole – that mimics your favorite furry animal. No, wait. As of now, you only have a choice of cat or dog. So, if you are into hoofs, you are out of luck for now. What can I say? By now, furry animal socks shouldn’t come as a surprise, really. I mean, we already have hairy chest swimsuit, pre-dirtied designer sneakers, and even expensive tote inspired by cheap plastic tote, so I guess socks that mimics animal’s feet shouldn’t be any more weirder.

And, oh yes. You can actually acquire them from What On Earth web store for $11.95 a pair. Yup. Real stuff here and real weird too.

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Images via What On Earth.

via Dangerous Minds.

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