Gucci Resort 2018 Collection ‘Dirty’ Sneakers

Fashion is both a beautiful and strange subject. It is also as brilliant as it is impatience. Take for example, we love the distressed look jeans, but obviously, we can’t wait five decades for them to be as worn as we may have loved. Neither would we want to slog in a mine hundreds of feet below ground to get them to be worn and torn, and so, the brilliant minds in the fashion industry gave us pre-worn, and even hole-ridden denim, so we can get the look right out-of-the-box. Brilliant? Possibly. But this desire to accelerate natural process can, well, get out of hand sometimes and transcend to the realm of craziness. Like, remember, the muddied jeans?

Gucci Resort 2018 Collection ‘Dirty’ Sneakers

Now, the thing is, if you think that’s the last of the insanity in fashion industry, you have seen nothing yet because, apparently, now there’s pre-dirty sneakers from everyone’s beloved fashion house, Gucci. That’s right. Dirty white sneakers is a thing now. Looks like not clean is a thing from here on and out and seriously, we ought to pray for the world we live in. And that’s not it even. Dirty is not the worst to happen to this sneakers which is part of Gucci’s Resort 2018 Collection. Not only are the sneakers dirty, they look very much like shoes children in some Asia countries wear to school where uniform is required.

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In other words, it is anything but stellar. Or to crudely put it, it is absolutely plain looking and looks more like it cost 20 bucks a pair. Yeah. That’s how bad it is and really, it does not help that it is dirty, on purpose. Man. What a strange time to be alive, isn’t it? And oh yeah, this pair of sneakers obviously don’t cost 20 bucks. In fact, it right on the other end of the price spectrum, costing somewhere between $465 and $1,250 when it becomes available. On that note, we formally conclude that the fashion world has officially gone bonker.

Images: Vogue/Streetwear Daily.

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