Geneva Model XXL – when sound system meets TV console

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(credit: Geneva) Geneva Sound System Model XXL | £2,499.00 |

the Geneva Sound System Model XXL is not the newest of the new but it is certainly worth mentioning and a read. so what is so good about the XXL? it is good if you are looking at three things for your living room: a sound dock, a speaker system and a TV console for your slim line LED TV to sit on. clad in a contemporary yet minimalist design that Geneva sound system has come to known by, the Model XXL may be easily be mistaken for just a TV console but that’s not completely untrue – it is a TV console mashed up with a speaker system that’s blessed with seven speakers, accompanied by a 12-inch subwoofer and a dock for your iPhone/iPod to boot.
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with the inclusion of the iPhone/iPod dock, it does make it looks like a giant sound dock but that doesn’t stop there. built into this sleek furniture are seven powerful Class D digital amplifiers that bestowed the XXL with an awesome 700-watts of power output that throws out the sound from various sources such as the digital FM radio, slot-loading CD player or from your iPhone or iPod. as with all Geneva sound systems, this speaker system/TV console hybrid also features a discreet LED display, informing you of the volume, mode, track or frequency. the Model XXL is also well-stocked in the connectivity department too. it has a 3.5-mm jack to accommodate any other external input such as portable media players, a stereo RCA jack for input from PC, TV or DVD, coaxial, optical-in and S-Video output from iPhone/iPod. completing the package is an interior storage with space for other components such as a set-top box, game console and the likes.

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as with all Geneva Sound System, the Model XXL is hand built from wood, finished in piano-lacquer and is available in either white or black. the cabinet measures 1680 x 490 x 56 mm (66.3 x 19.3 x 22.1 inches), which leaves you with plenty of room for a 32-inch LCD TV. at a retail price of £2,499 (about US$4,040), the Geneva Sound System Model XXL certainly don’t come cheap but then again, you are getting three things for a price of one, not to mention that it will saves you the clutter.

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