glass, which most beers are bottled in, is not as recyclable as we initially thought. with a recycling rate of mere 28%, glass is definitely way off the mark as a choice material for recycling, but regardless, it is a preferred material for many fluid-based products, including men’s first love: booze. however, one Russia-based dude by name of Constantin Bolimond came up with a conceptual drink dubbed as Ford Jekson that takes a whole new approach towards the concept of reuse, recycle and reduce. the Ford Jekson satisfies all three Rs, no doubt, but instead of destined for recycling facilities or landfill in the case of glass, the beverage goes into bottles in the shape of bowling pins and thus, giving it a second life as a toy bowling set – complete with a ball which, as Fast’s Mark Wilson points out, “appears to have no practical purpose other than being a ball.”

Ford Jekson Bowling Pin Beer

as far as these concept bottles are concerned, they appeared to be lathed from wood, which is inline with Constantine’s school of thought (check out his works here), which also makes them not quite as environmentally friendly as it should – even though they will be less likely to end up in the landfill. though we have to emphasize that at this point we are making assumption, due to the lack real details here. in any case if it is really wood, then that would means more trees have to be felled, which is a big no-no in the eco world, unless a promise of a number of trees are to be planted for how many trees felled or how many six-pack sold. moreover, if this concept was to be turned into reality, we have reasons to believe that there will be a lot more drunks, along with a boom of potential national bowlers who can actually bowl while intoxicated. hey, practice makes perfect, or so they say. but we are not sure if that still stands for someone under the influence.

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Ford Jekson Bowling Pin Beer

Ford Jekson Bowling Pin Beer

Behance via Fast Co. Design

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