for all intents and purposes security cameras are not the first line of defense in home security because you won’t know what’s really going on unless you stare at the live feed the whole time. sure, there are motion detection IP cameras around (we have one around here), but it only triggers when the subject is in the picture. with the Dropcam Tabs, security camera maker Dropcam adds another line of defense to your Dropcam Pro-equipped home or office, taking security a step further by detecting whether a door or window is open, or even if an object has been moved. it connects to your Dropcam Pros via Bluetooth LE and simply detects motion around the house where Tabs is installed and alert you of the movement, so you know when exactly you need to check on the live feed.

it is a tiny device that attached easily to doors, windows, or even valuable objects such as your laptop and the likes and ready to detect and push real-time alert to your mobile whenever there is activity. it has its own built in battery that’s good for two years straight and it is rated for outdoor use, so you can stick Tabs on gates and fences to keep track of those too. though it works with Dropcam Pro, it does not need to be in the line of sight of the camera, which means you can use it on virtually anything that you want to detect motion. the Dropcam Tabs is opening for pre-orders now for just $29 a pop, with shipping expected to happen in Summer 2014.

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Dropcam via TechCrunch

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