Craftsman 6-in-1 LED-Lighted Screwdriver

Craftsman 6-in-1 LED-Lighted Screwdriver
Craftsman 6-in-1 LED-Lighted Screwdriver | US$14.99 |

how many times do you find yourself having to screw something in the dark? the work already might not be exactly dark but the place where the screwing needs to be done, probably is due to recess and stuff like that. this is a situation that calls for a handy tool like the Craftsman 6-in-1 LED-Lighted Screwdriver. actually, Craftsman simply called this as Craftsman 6-in-1 Screwdriver which didn’t make this product pops, so we subtly added ‘LED-Lighted’ to the title just so you know. features include an aluminum handle with lighted LED, removable steel shank and comes packaged with two Philips and two slotted head-treated steel blades. it is definitely cool by our definition cos’ the next time when we work in the dark, we can forget about fumbling with both a flash light and a screwdriver at the same time. this one goes straight into the must-have for any home improvement toolbox, plus it will only cost you $14.99 a pop. click through for a trio of larger views.

Craftsman via werd.

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