As some wine lovers will tell you, a good wine does not guarantee it will not leave a bad taste in your mouth and more often than not, the culprits are wine sediments which exists in some full body quality wine. You can say it is inevitable that you will taste the bitter stuff. However, it is quite a nagging problem as it could be minimized/eliminated by filtering your wine into a decanter, or you could drink your favourite wine with The Spirale Wine Glass developed by Vacanti Wine Glasses. At a glance, The Spirale Wine Glass looks like any quality, hand-crafted wine glasses, but upon closer observation you will notice a spiralling recess at the bottom of each Spirale Glass.

The Spirale Wine Glass by Vacanti Wine Glasses

The spiral at the bottom of the glassware is a simple and ingenious solution that allows any wine sediment to settle into it and the sediments will continue to be trapped there as you confidently sip till the last drop. It is indeed an ingenious solution to an age-old problem. Like I said, it is not like there isn’t a solution, but The Spirale Wine Glass takes a stab at the problem without added hassle of filtering and decanting, which is the obvious choice if you want to enjoy your fruity adult beverage with class. Clearly, it is a solution wine lovers didn’t know they need, because Vacanti Wine Glasses’ Kickstarter campaign for this clever solution proves to be in demand.

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The campaign, which has 18 more days to go, have since drawn over 200 backers who contributed nearly $80,000 to make Spirale Wine Glass a reality. Speaking of which, you can pre-order a box set of two hand-blown Spirale glasses at a special discount price of $49. If everything proceeds as planned, you should be receiving this wonder wine glasses sometime in November 2017. Skip ahead for a short Spirale Wine Glass product pitch video to learn more.

The Spirale Wine Glass by Vacanti Wine Glasses

The Spirale Wine Glass by Vacanti Wine Glasses

The Spirale Wine Glass by Vacanti Wine Glasses

Images: Vacanti Wine Glasses.

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