a cushion, a 6-in-1 remote? it is both

Pillow Remote Control 544px

(photo credit: brookstone.com) Pillow Remote Control | US$29.95 | www.brookstone.com

what you see here is a cushion and it is also a six-in-one remote control. i am not kidding you. this is not just a cushion with remote control layout stitched to it. it is a real working remote control. an ultimate statement of lifestyle fused with technology, the Pillow Remote Control has databases of over 500 remote control devices.

it also featured a auto shutoff function that power down the remote after 60 seconds of inactivity. this wide-range transmitter with infrared LED built-in requires two AAA batteries with is not included. i guess you won’t be misplacing your remote with this cuddly cushion due to its size and it will definitely feel “at home” with the rest of its non-remote control fellow cushions.

you don’t need to fork out thousands of dollars to grab those cool universal remote, because this cool Pillow Remote Control cost only US$29.95. simple does it.


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