Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike

Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike
Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike | from US$16,940.00 | danhanebrinkbikes.com

instant torque and power. yes, those are dreams no more, thanks to the advanced development of purely electric powered motorcycles, these are reality which money can buy. one of the latest to join the electric two-wheeler bandwagon is the Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike. the namesake sounds sleazy (thankfully, saved by the ‘X5’) and the bike looks like any regular sports bike but you can trust Hanebrink that this isn’t your regular electric bike. what goes between the man’s legs is a Crystalyte 5303 Mid Motor, kept juiced by four Lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt liquid-cooled AllCell batteries and a 14-speed transmission let the man and his machine zip up to more than 80 miles an hour (128 km/h) and goes more than 200 miles (321 km). it has impressive features, including a 120-pound (54 kg) dual suspension monocoque chassis with 6061-T6 aircraft-grade seamless aluminum tubelessbing, watertight sheet aluminum box section for the batteries, inverted triple clamp coil/hydraulic front forks with seven inches of travel, monocoque swing arm rear suspension with air adjustable hydraulic shocks, Avid hydraulic disc braking at the rear, Brembo four-pod hydraulic disc brakes up front and a 120/80 x 14 front wheel wrapped in Moto GP tire while the rear gets a 20 x 8 x 8-inch wheel with an unusually fat tubeless tire but the part or parts that really makes this vehicle stands out from the cohort of growing number of electric bike is, it is competition-ready and has pedals – pedals, as in bicycle pedals – and it can be pedaled if the rider choose to. so, a run-of-the-mill electric bike this is definitely not. the Hanebrink Hustler X5 can yours with a starting price from $16,940.

Hanebrink via Gizmag

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