JCB World’s Fastest Tractor Modified

This what the world’s fastest tractor (modified) looks like. It is a JCB Fastrac, a “high-speed agricultural tractor,” but this Fastrac takes high-speed to a whole new level and to top that off, it looks wildly different (in a very good way, if I may add) from a regular Fastrac, or any tractor for that matter.

JCB World’s Fastest Tractor Modified
The man and the machine.

The most obvious our eyes can see is the aero kit. TBH, this should be the first time I have ever seen a tractor with an aero kit and it sure did not disappoint. It looks freaking cool. I can’t be the only one who thought it looks cool, right?

The aero are just one of the many modifications this Fastrac has received in order to make the tractor land speed record. It is powered by a modified JCB engine that puts out over 1,000 ponies (!).

This engine is bolted with two turbos: one traditional exhaust-powered turbo and an electric supercharger, and it is mated to a new six-speed gearbox complete with a H-gate shifter. Now, if that isn’t the coolest tractor ever…

Other mods include a new aluminum hood, a lighter chassis, front bumper, side panniers, rear diffuser, under body pan, and a bucket seat with five-point harness. And oh, it has a parachute too for, you know, reining it in when all is done.

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The tractor was piloted by truck mechanic turned TV presenter and racer, Guy Martin, who made two separate attempts. The second and last attempt saw Martin took the modified JCB Fastrac to an average speed of 217.570 km/h (135.91 mph) and in the process, wiped the 140.45 km/h (87.27 mph) set by Top Gear in 2018.

Keep going to see the record in the making in the videos below.

Images: JCB.