4 Tips to Help Bring New Life to Your Home in 2020

You were sitting in your living room last night watching TV when it hit you: Your house really needs a makeover. But the thing is…

You’ve been so busy with work, family, pets and other obligations that you pretty much let a lot of household stuff slide. So, as you looked past your TV at the drab paint on the walls, old furniture, and stacks of magazines and mail on the coffee table, you realized you really need to pay more attention to your home.

4 Tips to Help Bring New Life to Your Home in 2020
Photo by Mudassar Iqbal via Pixabay.

Fortunately, bringing new life into your home doesn’t have to take up a huge amount of time or even cost a ton of money. If you break it down into smaller chunks, you should find the process a lot more manageable. To give your home a fresh look in 2020, consider the following ideas:

1. Add Some Color
One of the easiest ways to add some zing to your home is with an accent wall or two. Painting a whole room a vivid shade of pink or green might be overwhelming, but covering one wall in an eye-catching tone can really make a positive difference. Choose a color or two that you love and add an accent wall in the living room and then maybe one in the dining room or your home office.

2. Bring in the Light
If your home feels somewhat dark, you can lighten up the rooms in several ways. For instance, update your window coverings from darker drapes to white mini-blinds and/or curtains. You can also add light by adding reflective surfaces, like a sleek and stylish mirror on the family room wall.

As you choose accent wall colors, you might also want to consider repainting the other walls in a lighter shade, which can help in brightening up your rooms without having to flip a light switch.

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3. Conquer the Clutter, One Pile at a Time
Just as carrying around extra pounds can make a person feel tired and sluggish, having an “overweight” home can also seem to drag down the energy of the entire space. If you feel like clutter has taken over, no worries — you can conquer the issue by choosing a solution that works for each problem.

For example, if you find that mail is piling up on your kitchen table, get a mail sorter that will help you to organize your bills, letters, magazines and junk mail. An attractive basket that will hold everything in one place until you can attend to it later could also be a good option. Then again, you can make it a habit to sort the mail every day and recycle or toss away what you don’t need.

4. Freshen Up Your Furniture
Granted, you might not have the budget to buy new furniture for every room in your home. But you narrow them down, like for example, if your couch is looking old and threadbare or your bedroom set is the same one you had as a kid, it’s probably time to treat yourself to some new pieces.

For instance, head to a furniture store like Jerome’s and check out their selection of bedroom sets, couches, kitchen tables and more. Once you find a few items you like, arrange to have them delivered to your place and have your old items be taken away (perhaps the delivery folks could do you a favor?).

As you’ll soon find out, it’s amazing how the addition of a beautiful new couch or matching headboard and nightstand will bring new life to your home.

Start 2020 with a Spruced-Up Space
As you can see, you don’t have to call a contractor, rack up a hefty credit card bill or make major changes to add some zing to a tired-looking home.

By focusing on some relatively minor yet impactful changes to color and light, tackling clutter issues and investing in a few key new pieces of furniture, 2020 will be the best year yet for you and your home.