Here’s A Chance For You To Own A Lamborghini Without Breaking The Bank

If you missed the beautiful 1955 Lamborghini DL25 Tractor from Lamborghini Trattori that was put up on auction a few years ago, fret not. As it turns out, there are more such tractors put under the hammer in stateside.

Kubota X Tractor Is An Autonomous Tractor That Will Solve Labor Crunch In The Farming Industry

In face of labor crunch in the farming industry, agricultural equipment maker Kubota has proposed the Kubota X Tractor. Kubota X Tractor is a futuristic concept tractor that is electrically powered by a combination of lithium-ion batteries and solar batteries.

JCB And Guy Martin Now Holds The Record For The World’s Fastest Tractor (Modified)

This what the world’s fastest tractor (modified) looks like. It is a JCB Fastrac, a “high-speed agricultural tractor,” but this Fastrac takes high-speed to a whole new level and to top that off, it looks wildly different (in a very good way, if I may add) from a regular Fastrac, or any tractor for that […]

Rare, Working Lamborghini Tractor From 1955 Can Be Yours For $37K

So, you have a bunch of exotic rides stashed in the barn-turned-garage at your ranch? Nice. But you can’t really take those darlings through the rough of the ranch’s sometimes rather unforgiving terrains, do you? You could bag yourself a Land Rover to do that sort of things, but is a Land Rover a name […]

Case IH Autonomous Farming Tractor Concept Is The Future Of Farming

Imagine this: a bunch of urbanites of the future venture into the outskirt of their high-tech concrete jungle and are greeted by what they expected to see in rural area: farming of crops, except that, instead of tractors with cabin where real person gets behind the wheel, the farming equipment are working autonomously. The scenario […]

We Bet You Never Thought A Tractor Could Be A Red Dot Design Awardee

Think Red Dot Design Award and the few things that come to mind would be gadgets, furniture and mainly stuff that the general population can relate to. Granted that we never scour the entire award recipients directory, but we are not going to lie; we never knew a thing as ‘mundane’ as an agricultural tractor […]