1965 Lamborghini 3 CTL Tractor Auction

If you missed the beautiful 1955 Lamborghini DL25 Tractor from Lamborghini Trattori that was put up on auction a few years ago, fret not. As it turns out, there are more such tractors put under the hammer in stateside.

1965 Lamborghini 3 CTL Tractor Auction

Now, that a good news because, one, you can finally own a legit Lamborghini without being a millionaire and two, it has tracks. And look at the hard-to-say-no-to colors it is rocking. It does make you want to buy a farm right away, doesn’t it? Here are what you need to know about this sweet example from 1965:

“This 1965 Lamborghini 3 CTL tractor is a crawler tractor that was delivered new in Italy. The tractor was refurbished and was part of a collection prior to importation by the selling dealer in Georgia last year. Power is provided by an air-cooled three-cylinder diesel paired with a dual-range four-speed manual transmission and differential steering. Accessories include a rear PTO assembly and draw bar, and the tractor is equipped with both head and taillights. This Lamborghini is offered by the selling dealer with an Italian registration booklet and a Georgia bill of sale.”

1965 Lamborghini 3 CTL Tractor Auction

The tractor now wears a refurbished pale blue and orange colorways, and further features black vinyl-upholstered seat, and it is powered by a 40 HP air-cooled 2.2L diesel three-cylinder engine mated to a four-speed dual-range gearbox.

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It has just 5,800 hours, which make it kind of new-ish considering it is already 55 year-old at this point. You probably won’t put it in the field, but for collectors, it should be a nice addition.

At time of this writing, the current bid for the 1965 Lamborghini 3 CTL Tractor is $8,009 and historically, the highest it has gone for a vintage tractor from Lamborghini Trattori was $35K, but it averages $20K in the history of Bring A Trailer auctions and so, it kinda would be an affordable vintage raging bull ride.

Images: Bring A Trailer.

Source: designboom.