Cake 0 Emission AB may be known for its super cool electric motorcycles and more recently, pedal-assist bicycles but the Swedish company is not more than just a maker of two-wheel transportation. It is also developing a vehicle for agricultural use too and it is called Kibb.

Cake Kibb Semi-autonomous Electric ATV

Cake Kibb is a semi-autonomous electric ATV for regenerative farming. For the uninitiated, regenerative farming or regenerative agriculture is basically sustainable farming that includes topsoil regeneration, boosting biodiversity, recycling of farm waste, and more.

Farming is, in itself, a destructive process and there are almost pollution-free transportation and machines. This prompted Swedish transport designer Fanny Jonsson to develop Kibb when she was interning at Cake. Jonsson subsequently joins Cake and continues her work on Kibb.

Anyhoo, moving on… this all-terrain four-wheeler is designed to meet the need for regenerative agriculture autonomously with minimal impact on delicate ecosystems.

Cake Kibb Semi-autonomous Electric ATV

It is emission-free (obviously) and can be operated with or without a human driver. It is modular, allowing it to be adapted for different uses.

In addition, it can act as a mobile power station to power agricultural tools while out in the field.

Prior to December 2022, the fate of Kibb was unknown. However, it has now been confirmed that it will materialize.

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Cake has announced last month that it will commit to developing the Kibb and planned on bringing the machine into production by 2025. Meanwhile, you can learn more about this futuristic agriculture transportation HERE.

Images: Cake.

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