Belarus Tractors Farmula MTZ 50 Formula 1

During a recent agricultural equipment expo in Serbia, something quite bizarre turned up. Where you will expect farming equipment like tractors at the expo, it has a, wait for it, a “Formula 1” tractor. You read it right. It is a “Formula” racing tractor called “Farmula 1” MTZ 50”.

The “Farmula 1” MTZ 50 is the first-ever Formula 1 Tractor developed by Belarus Tractors. Not a lot is known about this bizarre “race car” even though its existence dates back to 2019 when it debuted at the Belagro agricultural trade show.

What makes this farm version of the F1 car so intriguing is its attempt to retain the hallmarks of a tractor while trying to look like the iconic open-wheeled race car. Clearly, it is not going to win in the aerodynamic department because it is essentially a slammed and elongated farm tractor.

The signature square front and square headlights of the company tractor are present, and so are the vertical smoke stacks and then there are the unmistakable tractor wheels and tires.

Belarus Tractors Farmula MTZ 50 Formula 1
Photo: Homoatrox, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

For the F1 race car look, it has a long nose cone that accounts for half of the vehicle length, the side pods, and the huge spoiler.

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The Belarusian President has reportedly claimed to have taken the Farmula 1 to 200 mph when it took it for a spin. But I am skeptical. This creation may look fast but I doubt can beat the world’s fastest tractor which made 135.91 mph. Having said that, if there’s going to be a Formula Tractor, I’d rather the tractors looked like the record-holding JCB. Just saying…

Images: Belarus Tractors.