space-age design air purification device with an organic touch

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(image credit: ANDREA) ANDREA Air Purifier | €149.00 |

with all the shiny computers and gadgets you owned, it makes sense to get an equally beautiful (and space-age) air purifier to go along with them. right? the ANDREA Air Purifier looks like a scaled-down green house of the space-age era which should goes in harmony with all the modern high tech stuff you own. jointly developed by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur and Harvard professor David Edwards, the ANDREA uses the natural metabolic activity of a common plant to purify the polluted air it draws in.

actually, i feel sorry for the plant for having to breath in our pollutes. but i guess every living things has their respective duty, so here within the ANDREA, the plant does what it does best for the better health for all of us. space-age device comes with a space-age price. the ANDREA will set you back at €149 (about $199). wow. maybe i should just purchase a few plants and lay them out around my room instead.

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(image credit: ANDREA)


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