your iPhone becomes your Meat Thermometer with iGrill

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iGrill Thermometer for iOS devices | US$99.00 |

iPhone has almost any kind app for almost anything and in the absence of an app that does the job, it has almost any kind of attachments you can think of to cover that. it has microscope attachment, POS machine dock, professional-grade microphone and now, it has a Meat Thermometer, dubbed the iGrill, that will have your turkey oven-baked to the right temperature.

the iGrill consists of two parts: the iGrill hardware and the iGrill companion app. the iGrill hardware monitors the temperature of your meat by inserting a probe into the meat in question. the current temperature is reported via the visual on the hardware itself or to your iPhone companion app via a 200ft range Bluetooth. magic.

the iPhone app will alert you when the pre-set temperature has been reached, giving you a peace of mind to mingle with your guests or pay attention to the last minute tidying up of your house before the guests arrive. actually, the former shouldn’t be the case, i thought food should be prepared well before the guests arrive. isn’t it?

keeping your meat in-check ain’t going to be cheap. the iGrill hardware costs $99 a pop which comes package with one iGrill probe and four AA batteries. additional probes can be purchase at $19.99. the iGrill companion app for iPhone is free, though and its available now on the appstore.

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