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(photo credit: customslr.com) C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution | US$35 | customslr.com

simple and effective solutions to our everyday problems are around us. these guys, collectively known as Custom SLR, just proved this to be so. whether you are a professional camera man or just a casual shooter, you would probably notice how the camera strap tends to get in the way. well, Customer SLR has a solution for us and before i go on, i would like to be thankful for this solution (to the strap-gets-in-way issue).
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C-Loop is a contraption that relocates the strap mount to the bottom of the camera which also incorporates a swivel to allow freedom of movement. C-Loop is designed to be compatible with any devices (not only cameras) that has the standard tripod mount. to use the C-Loop, user just have to screw the C-Loop into the standard tripod mount and install the camera strap of your choice via the two strap mounts.

it is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and is designed and made in the USA. want one? all you have to do is make your pledge of US$35 (plus shipping) over at Kickstarter and you will get yourself this nifty gadget. the C-Loop is designed for on-the-move/action photography, hence if you need to use a tripod, you gotta remove the C-Loop. i hope the guys will come up with another version that incorporates a tripod mount in the C-Loop. how about a C-TRI? or C-POD?

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