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Incase Leather Neck Strap: Heavy On Style, Merciful On Your Neck

We are not a shopping blog. We don’t force anything into your throat, but if something as stylish as the Incase Leather Neck Strap for DSLR Camera comes up, we felt compelled to share with everyone because, sharing is caring, or something like that. Apart from tech culture, style is equally important to us and we believe it is to you too. This particularly handsome camera strap gets the style and class from a full-grain natural dye leather outer, while soft laser perforated genuine suede lining ensures carry comfort. A DSLR, however light, can still coerce a camera strap to create an impression on your neck, and thus, suede with breathability to boot is kind of a comforting thought. Continue reading Incase Leather Neck Strap: Heavy On Style, Merciful On Your Neck

Hard Graft Camera Accessories

if you are wondering why Hard Graft has only one camera accessory to offer, well, you can stop wondering, cos’ it now has not one, but three more accessories for style-conscious (and possibly, leather-loving) shutterbugs. the trio, a hold camera handle, hang camera strap, and box camera bag, sports Hard Graft’s signature vegetable tanned leather and 100 percent wool felt combo that, in our opinion, speaks of both class and luxury. the simplest accessory of the three, the hold camera handle is basically a handle that’s design for times when you just need to hold your camera securely without being bothered by shoulder strap. it features a patented 360-degree hook which provides an unrestricted holding position – though the thing is, you will have to constantly hold on to your rig much like a gunslinger, but without a holster. Continue reading Hard Graft Camera Accessories

LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks

LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks
how luxurious can a camera strap get? hardly. unless it hails from a Parisan design label like Louis Vuitton but wait, LV does not officially have any camera strap, do they? the solution? grab one off from RileyG Designworks. you have to appreciate the bravery and dedication these folks have in order to produce such a lovely camera strap. in an act almost unthinkable to any LV fans, they took a knife to a perfectly pristine Louis Vuitton garment bag and made them into camera straps. the straps are meticulously crafted by hand, trimmed with real leather Continue reading LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks

ZigZag Camera Strap

ZigZag Camera Strap
ZigZag Camera Strap | US$26.00 | photojojo.com

the only thing that comes between you (your neck, to be precised) and your lovely DSLR is just a camera strap which makes sense for you to strap it up with one that could stand up to your pro shooter’s weight. well, not that a DSLR would weight like more 100 pounds (45 kg) but it wouldn’t hurt to have one that could hold up to 121 pounds (55 kg) while adding a little style when you are toting your equipment around. seriously, you can dress like a true fashionista but everything would go down the sewer if the strap ain’t looking just as good. Continue reading ZigZag Camera Strap

Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 – of leather and polypropylene

Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 900x515px
(photos: Toshiki) Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 | ¥5,800.00 | toshiki-japan.com

strange that we love our cameras so much and yet so little are being done to find the ultimate camera strap for our priced shooter. i bet we paid more attention to camera bags then to straps but never mind, it is still not too late to starting digging for the one perfect strap. speaking of which, these vibrantly colored items from Toshiki Japan may be worthy of your consideration. the Camera Strap 50, as it is called, is crafted from a combination of tan leather and polypropylene to deliver the ultimate photography statement. available in three hues: blue, grey and green, the Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 cost ¥5,800 (about US$76) each and is only available in Japan at this point in time. however, i am confident you already know how to stretch your hands for one of these. Continue reading Toshiki Japan Camera Strap 50 – of leather and polypropylene

Levi’s x New Monday Camera Strap for the fashion-conscious

Levis x New Monday Camera Strap 544x500px
(credit: Levi’s / New Monday)
marking this year’s Hong Kong “501 day”, Hong Kong fashion magazine ‘New Monday’ collaborates with Levi’s to introduce the Levi’s x New Monday Camera Strap. the strap is made out from Levi’s signature denim, leather as well as nylon, complete with the iconic Levi’s Red Tab. the nylon strap is available in either black or red and the leather parts features embossed Levi’s branding. check out some images of this gorgeous camera strap after the break. apparently, you can’t buy these but instead this will come with the ‘New Monday’ magazine issue 556 that will grace the newsstand on the May 27. i am totally sold. now, where’s my HK friends when i need them. Continue reading Levi’s x New Monday Camera Strap for the fashion-conscious

Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

Custom SLR Split Strap img2 544x311px
(image credit: kickstarter.com/CustomSLR.com) Split Strap Adapteive Strap | from US$20.00 | customslr.com

this is something we never gave too much thought to it – a shoulder strap for your cameras and bags. who would think a contraption as simple as a shoulder strap could be further improved? as a matter of fact, these guys over at Custom SLR think a strap can be further improved. it turns out that traditional strap does not distribute its weight on our shoulder equally which often results in strain to the user. Continue reading Split Strap improves comfort of your carrying bags

C-Loop – camera strap mount solution

Custom SLR C-Loop 544px

(photo credit: customslr.com) C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution | US$35 | customslr.com

simple and effective solutions to our everyday problems are around us. these guys, collectively known as Custom SLR, just proved this to be so. whether you are a professional camera man or just a casual shooter, you would probably notice how the camera strap tends to get in the way. well, Customer SLR has a solution for us and before i go on, i would like to be thankful for this solution (to the strap-gets-in-way issue). Continue reading C-Loop – camera strap mount solution