ZigZag Camera Strap

ZigZag Camera Strap
ZigZag Camera Strap | US$26.00 | photojojo.com

the only thing that comes between you (your neck, to be precised) and your lovely DSLR is just a camera strap which makes sense for you to strap it up with one that could stand up to your pro shooter’s weight. well, not that a DSLR would weight like more 100 pounds (45 kg) but it wouldn’t hurt to have one that could hold up to 121 pounds (55 kg) while adding a little style when you are toting your equipment around. seriously, you can dress like a true fashionista but everything would go down the sewer if the strap ain’t looking just as good. handcrafted in Hong Kong, this wide-width camera strap features an eye-catching fashionable (read: cheery) pattern, quick-releases buckles, and a nice, thick, padded strap that would be easy on your neck. most importantly, it is one heck of a looker. oh, we mentioned that before, didn’t we? the ZigZag Camera Strap can be yours to own for just $26 via Photojojo. larger views available after the break, courtesy of Photojojo.

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