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nostalgic is a word easily defined by a dictionary but we can’t really explain the phenomena, especially when the object in question is rebooted with the touch of modern technology or improvement, such as the NERF LAZER TAG Double Blaster Pack. what makes this new old (laser) gunslinging game so special is the inclusion of an iPhone or iPod Touch into the mix. a conveniently located slot holds your iOS device where the device plays duty as a cool heads-up display which offers an increased firing range of 250 feet and augmented reality if you intend on playing as a lone wolf. needless to say, the game is most exciting when played with your pals which a free app will facilitate up to 23 other players to join in mayhem. the app also details the player’s in game gear, power levels, profile, stats, and a leaderboard, showing you where you stand. if you don’t already own an iOS device, it can still be played without one but then again, it wouldn’t be as fun and futuristic which kinds of remove the shine off the toy. the NERF LAZER TAG is available as a single blaster pack for $39.99, or as a double blaster pack for $74.99.

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