TBH, I am the person who are drawn to wool products, but the sleek lines of the Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes had me at hello. Yes, yes. It popped up in our inbox, but it has to be attractive enough in both looks and features to get us wanting to share it with your folks. The Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes has both. For starter, it has a sleek, smooth flowing lines and beckons us to take a few more looks. Secondly, it is functional with several cool features.

Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes

It will keep your feet warm during cold seasons, and cool the weather turns hot. In other words, it maintains an optimal temperature and the event that your feet sweat, the merino wool works to take away moisture, so your feet will remain dry. Plus, it is anti-bacterial and odor resistant, and it is naturally water, dust and fire resistant. And it does it all while remaining totally breathable.

Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes

In addition to the merino wool upper, Felts feature a Nettle fabric outsole that works to help boost insulation against cold by trapping air within and it is naturally slip resistant without the need for bumps and whatnot. That’s not to mention the combination of merino wool and Nettle fabric looks kind of dope. All those features, together with the super cushy and lightweight nature, makes it a pair of kicks suitable for all-day wear.

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Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes

Best of all, it is machine washable. At least it is to me. OK. I admit. I am lazy. So, machine washable sounds like a major selling points. Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes is handmade from organic merino wool in Nepal by skill Nepalese craftsperson under ethical and sustainable conditions.

Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes is available to pre-order on Kickstarter for £79 (about US$103). There is a also a super cute baby shoes set, which includes three pairs for three different ages, going for £49 (about US$64). The campaign is already funded and hence, a pledge for the product is a pre-order which will materialize sometime in December 2018/January 2019.

Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes

Felts Natural Merino Wool Shoes

All images courtesy of Felts Health Shoes.

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