LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks

LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks
how luxurious can a camera strap get? hardly. unless it hails from a Parisan design label like Louis Vuitton but wait, LV does not officially have any camera strap, do they? the solution? grab one off from RileyG Designworks. you have to appreciate the bravery and dedication these folks have in order to produce such a lovely camera strap. in an act almost unthinkable to any LV fans, they took a knife to a perfectly pristine Louis Vuitton garment bag and made them into camera straps. the straps are meticulously crafted by hand, trimmed with real leather and finally a super soft suede backing comfy for the next and shoulder rounds up the package. needless to say, the LV Camera Strap by RileyG Designworks is very limited – in fact – only four are available with each costing a healthy $380. not a cheap price as far as camera strap goes but you got to give in to these dudes for taking the cut. really. who would ever do that? click on the above image for larger view.

RileyG Designworks via Luxury Launches

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